Miriam (orion_boreas) wrote in mountainwomen,

Backpacking in Los Angeles area?

Hi there,

I live in the Los Angeles area and am wondering if anyone else in this community does too. I just acquired a great new Osprey backpack (ooh, shiny!) but don't have anyone to go backpacking with. Sketchy men posting in the so-called "Strictly Platonic" section of Craigslist are not an option. If you live in or around Los Angeles and want to get outside, please get in touch with me! There is too much pretty stuff to not go out and experience it.
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April 13 2012, 17:24:52 UTC 6 years ago

Hi, I have a friend who is always going backpacking around LA. We used to be in the Marines together years ago so I can vouch he could take you to some great spots. I'll forward your post to him and see how it goes.

have fun!


April 13 2012, 18:25:15 UTC 6 years ago

You were suggested to me, by a friend. hmu an email and we'll see?
Hey, thanks y'all, but I wrote this post nearly four years ago and I don't live in California anymore!