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Mountain Women

Women in High Places

mountain women
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This community is to help foster the sisterhood of women who love the mountains and want to meet others with similar interests. I hope we will find hiking, climbing, and skiing buddies, learn about opportunities to get into the mountains, tell our adventure stories, and talk about life in an eco-zone where we are outnumbered by the hairier, brawnier, and more macho species.

We all approach beauty and challenge in different ways - women have a unique perspective that can get lost. Finding each other is the first step.

This is my first start w/ a community - I'm assuming it will take on a life of its' own if it gets off the ground. So for now no rules - an open community. I looked for a similar community here on LJ but found none.
Men - you are welcome to join but this is women's space and should be respected as such.