dirt (littlebitofrawr) wrote in mountainwomen,

Question time: Magazines?

Have been thinking about getting a subscription to an outdoorsy magazine, and am wondering if anybody has any recommendations.....
Looking for something probably with a focus on climbing or general outdoors goodness

I used to get Outside, which was nice.... but it since seems to have a focus on fashion shoots (what?) and other weird stuff.
Climbing and Rock and Ice are both good sometimes, but both get a little dude-brau-ish (Anybody read the short story in the Rock and Ice Anthology about the guy who says that his muscles get the girls all giggly and flexible? Like that guy) for my taste. I've heard of womens'  adventure magazines but haven't seen any to check out.

(Also would be open to non-outdoorsy magazine of some time, just not sure what that would be)

Do you have a magazine that you love?

Thanks, in advance.
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